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Jun 11, 2016 - 1 minute read - 905S ARM Internet linux sysadmin

Quick update: Sub $200 Stratum 1 NTP Server with ODROID and Adafruit parts

I was building another one of these, and found some bugs in my previous post. I’ve corrected the post, the biggest being that the kernels in Armbian 5.10 and later include a 1-Wire interface in the DTB which conflicts with the 1PPS pin used by the GPS module. The solution is to either comment out the w1 stanza in the device tree, or move it to another pin. I moved it to GPIOY_7 which is two pins down on the same row of the connector. The DTS and DTB links in the previous post have been corrected, along with the new SHA256 checksum of the DTB itself. I also tried to build on an ODROID-C2 platform, but it’s missing the GPIO 1PPS client in the kernel, so I’ve gone back to just using ODROID-C1+ for now. I also found that if you do not have the I2C display on top of the GPS module, but the module is near a window and pointing up the GPS will lock. Pretty cool. Onward to deployment!