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Mar 1, 2011 - 1 minute read - Android Android Apps

Getting things done

Working between three offices, one of which don’t even have desks, has been interesting. Keeping track of things that need to be done has been downright awful. I hate brush fires at work, and recently I’ve been creating them just because I’ve not been in a constent place with my trusty todo pad around. So, I decided to add some tech to the problem.  I have Astrid Tasks on my phone, and it’s nice but adding tasks is not. It syncs with Producteev, but the app doesn’t support OpenID logins and the site does.  So, right now I’m trying Remember the Milk. So far, it’s not bad. The interface could be a bit more streamlined, but the mobile app is nice.  It’s also nice having all my personal and work todos in one place accessible from everywhere. I’m going to stick with RTM for as much of March as possible.  I post here as my thoughts progress on the matter.